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"Repairing the world…one magic trick at a time."

                        –Moshe Kurzweil and Arthur Kurzweil

What IS Magic Tricks Without Borders?


What ARE magic tricks without borders?

Magic Tricks Without Borders creates…

professional quality, field tested,

 convenient to carry, high-impact and 

elegantly simple magic tricks, often

based on ancient magical principles, 

designed to be learned in minutes, 

for individuals at all skill levels who are

discovering and developing the uses of

magic tricks as potent, powerful,

creative tools to share with students,

patients, clients, customers,  colleagues,

and friends.

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Praise for: Magic Book Box vol. 1

"This is a unique collection of tricks, unlike anything that has ever been produced, and brings a new dimension to the art of magic.  The tricks were carefully selected and are not only easy to perform but also incorporate a thoughtful, philosophical approach to magic and to life. 

The props and DVD are of the highest quality.  The DVD covers, in great detail, all that is necessary for mastering these wonderful tricks so that even someone with no previous experience with magic will be able to perform them in a short time.

You will be proud to own and perform Magic Book Box Vol. 1. I give it my highest recommendation. I want to congratulate Arthur and Moshe Kurzweil on a superlative job." 

                                                              – Bobby Torkova, International Award Winning Magician