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Magic Book Box vol.1

Four professional magic tricks you can easily perform 

(and the perfect place to hide them)

Magic Book Box vol. 1

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Praise for: Magic Book Box vol. 1

"This is a unique collection of tricks, unlike anything that has ever been produced, and brings a new dimension to the art of magic.  The tricks were carefully selected and are not only easy to perform but also incorporate a thoughtful, philosophical approach to magic and to life. 

The props and DVD are of the highest quality.  The DVD covers, in great detail, all that is necessary for mastering these wonderful tricks so that even someone with no previous experience with magic will be able to perform them in a short time.

You will be proud to own and perform Magic Book Box vol. 1. I give it my highest recommendation. I want to congratulate Arthur and Moshe Kurzweil on a superlative job." 

                                         - Bobby Torkova, International Award Winning Magician



Here's what you get:

Included in Magic Book Box vol. 1:

  • Four professionally designed magic tricks.

  • Two “Antique style” Book Boxes.

  • A velvet pouch for each magic trick.

  • Instructional DVD.

Full-length Instructional DVD Included:

Our Magic Book Boxes

Read all about the tricks you will recieve with

Magic Book Box vol. 1 below:

The Aleph Deck


The Aleph Deck will even amaze professional magicians.

Because its secret method is not popularly used, you are one of a select few who have the opportunity to perform it. 

And in addition to amazing your audience, this magic trick affords you an opportunity to learn and teach about the true origins of the most well-know magical phrase, Abracadabra.


A Rarely Used Magical Principle is at Work Here

We have shown this trick to many professional magicians, magic trick experts, and magic trick manufacturers. It has baffled everyone! Sometimes they wonder what kind of fancy sleight of hand moves you are using. But the fact is: it’s simple to perform. You don’t need any special sleight of hand skills. All you need is this deck of cards and knowledge of an ancient secret principle on which this truly magical magic trick is based. 

How It Looks

A unique deck, with 52 cards and a joker (no double cards; just the 52 cards of a normal deck plus the joker) is shown to your participant. No hidden cards. No sleight of hand for you to learn. 

Begin with an engaging discussion about the world’s most famous magical phrase abracadabra, in which you inform the participant about its ancient origin. Explain that the first letter of this word is also the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Aleph

Ask the participant to think of a single card. No forcing; the selection is totally free. Any of the 52 cards can be selected.

You, the magician, then ask the participant to imagine the Hebrew letter Aleph being printed – right at that moment – on the one card they selected. You then search the deck and discover that the only card in the deck with an Aleph printed on it is indeed the participant’s card. Abracadabra!

Let Your Volunteer Be The Magician

When your volunteer thinks of a card, the letter Aleph ultimately appears on that card. Rather than perform this trick where you do the magic, your volunteer can be the magician. The volunteer thinks of the card, imagines an aleph on that card, says the magic word abracadabra and then the magic happens.



The word “aleph,” pronounced (AH’-lehf), is:

  • The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
  • The first letter of the Aramaic alphabet.
  • The symbol, in mathematical set theory, for Infinity. 
  • The source of the Greek letter Alpha.
  • The number 1 (one) in Hebrew and Aramaic

What Does Abracadabra Mean?

Your performance can include an explanation of the oldest and most popular magical phrase in the world: Abracadabra. The Aleph Deck comes with an extra card clearly explaining the origin of the word, “Abracadabra.” You can use it as part of your presentation, or simply learn its actual ancient source for youself. 

Aleph Deck: Magic Talk

  • No sleight of hand moves required.
  • No card forced.
  • Works with ANY card in the deck.
  • No double cards.
  • No rough/smooth
  • No switches
  • No short/long
  • There are ONLY the 52 cards and a joker.


Be Here Now


Each of us is unique. I am not supposed to be you. You are not supposed to be me. We each must find out who we are as individuals. I don’t want to follow the crowd. I don’t want to mimic others. I want to know my own unique self. Each of us is unique.


A Bookmark Becomes a Magic trick

You can use the trick as a bookmark. When the perfect opportunity presents itself, open your book and blow people away. The Trick is as portable as can be.

The entire trick is really the strip of paper. We provide you with the perfect size scissor for the trick but any scissor can be used!

How it Looks

Ask your volunteer to assist you. In fact, your volunteer becomes the magician.

Take any pair of scissors and then show your volunteer a rectangular strip of paper. The strip is about an inch wide and several inches long. Ask your volunteer to select exactly where the strip of paper is to be cut into two pieces.

Your volunteer can freely choose the exact place where the paper shall be cut. You don’t force anything. At the last moment your volunteer can even have a change of mind and can select a different point. The volunteer’s decision is totally free.

The strip of paper is cut at precisely the point your volunteer selects. The two pieces are then turned over to reveal a prediction printed on the other side of the strip of paper indicating exactly where the volunteer asked the cut to be made!

The prediction is always perfect and precise, and is always the one and only unique point freely selected by your volunteer.

Portable and Profound

This trick is very simple to perform. If you can cut a straight line you can perform this trick! Once you learn it you can not forget the secret method. 

Different tricks of this type in the past have used very generic ideas. Our concept allows a simple cut of a paper to provide an analogy to a multitude of topics and conversations

Be Here Now: Magic Talk 1

  • Use any scissor. (safety scissors provided)
  • No trick scissors required.
  • If you can cut a straight line you can perform Be Here Now.
  • No slight of hand moves required.  
  • Only one strip of paper is used. No doubles or switches.
  • Everything happens right in front of your eyes.
  • Great discussion stimulator.

Works Every Time

It works every time, no matter where the cut is made.

The method is ingenious and absolutely simple to perform.  

Be Here Now.

Be Here Now: Magic Talk 2

  • No special moves to learn.
  • No switches.
  • No palming.
  • The scissors are real.
  • The strip of paper looks innocent.
  • You can learn how to perform this in 15 seconds…no in 5 seconds!
  • Your baffled volunteer is amazed.
  • You get everything you need to do this amazing magic trick forever.

All Is Foreseen


Life offers so many choices. Many researchers have wondered just how many choices we make a day. They all agree it’s in the thousands. And sometimes, only one seemingly insignificant choice can have a huge impact. But, do we really even have free choices? Could it be that everything happens by fate and is pre-destined? Then again, existence may not be free nor fated. Our lives might be made of an incalculably complex series of random events colliding with one another by chance.




Many have pondered the meaning of these words.


All is Foreseen: Highlights

  • Thought provoking “remix” of a classic.
  • Simple to learn
  • Fits in practically all pockets or purses.
  • Glossy Hard plastic cards will last a lifetime!

How it Looks

At any point in a discussion, you will propose an experiment. You display three cards. Each of the three cards has one of these word printed on it: 




Ask your volunteer to select any ONE of the three cards. The volunteer can select the card that says CHOICE. The volunteer can select the card that says FATE. The volunteer can select the card that says CHANCE. Your volunteer will experience it as a totally free. After all, it actually is a free choice. Your volunteer is not forced to make a specific selection. The volunteer’s selection is made, and then…

…you present a revelation.

With a facial expression of amazement and disbelief, your volunteer will say:

“That’s impossible!” or “How did you know that?” or “Does everyone pick the same word?”

But it doesn’t matter which of the three words you volunteer freely selects…

And it doesn’t matter how much your volunteer insists it was a free selection…

The card freely selected is the card you prove was predicted.

A Classic Trick with a Provocative Twist

There are dozens of versions of this trick. But we love ours. Sometimes three colors are used. Or three shapes. But the trick is all about the question of choice vs. chance vs. fate. So those are the three possible selections; CHOICE. CHANCE. FATE. The thought provoking content of the trick really pierces to the heart of any version of the trick.





As Profound a Trick as YOU want it to be.

While your performance of this trick can simply be quick and fun, it also has the potential to stimulate a deep and profound conversation. Do you believe in fate? Do people have free will? Are we all programmed? Is the universe random?

All Is Foreseen: Magic Talk

  • We have turned what was once a cute classic trick into a profound discussion starter.
  • The entire trick consists of the 5 coaster sized hard plastic square cards. 
  • No Reset Required.

Your volunteer’s selection was known in advance

Each volunteer can select any of the three words. The prediction is ALWAYS correct. Was the selection a free choice? Or was it fate? Or was in all by simple chance? Remember: the prediction is ALWAYS correct.

Timing & Dosage


A human emotion or character trait cannot be judged as good or bad.

Take honesty for example. 

Honesty is not always good. 

When you visit Grandma in the hospital you wouldn't way, "Grandma, you look worse than you did yesterday."

It's not enough have the ability to do everything.

In life, we need to know when and how.

It's all about timing and dosage.



Timing and Dosage: Highlights

“A single feeling predicted from countless emotions”

-10 oversized cards makes reading words easy for any age.

-Hard plastic cards with glossy coating: words will not fade.

-Ingenious secret method built into cards.

-Variety of words on cards allows almost any age group to understand trick.

How it Looks

Ask your volunteer to think of one person, alive or deceased.

Also, ask your volunteer not to reveal the person’s name—not even after the trick is performed.

From a list of 100 different human character traits, (e.g. honesty, energetic, humility) your volunteer, silently and freely, selects and thinks of just one word out of 100 to describe the person being thought of.

Your volunteer does not say anything

You are not told who the person is nor the word chosen to describe the person.

Your volunteer silently thinks about the person and concentrates on the word.

Your volunteer may never tell you who is being thought of…

…but, you are able to tell your volunteer which one word is in their mind!

Timing & Dosage: Magic Talk

  • No memorization.
  • Everything can be examined.
  • One hundred thought-provoking words.
  • Perfect conversation starter.
  • No prior “set-up” needed
  • Even people who think they know the principle can’t figure it out.

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