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A unique deck, with 52 cards and a joker (no double cards; just the 52 cards of a normal deck plus the joker) is shown to your participant. No hidden cards. No sleight of hand for you to learn. 

Begin with an engaging discussion about the world’s most famous magical phrase abracadabra, in which you inform the participant about its ancient origin. Explain that the first letter of this word is also the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Aleph

Ask the participant to think of a single card. No forcing; the selection is totally free. Any of the 52 cards can be selected.

You, the magician, then ask the participant to imagine the Hebrew letter Aleph being printed – right at that moment – on the one card they selected. You then search the deck and discover that the only card in the deck with an Aleph printed on it is indeed the participant’s card. Abracadabra!