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At any point in a discussion, you will propose an experiment. You display three cards. Each of the three cards has one of these word printed on it: 




Ask your volunteer to select any ONE of the three cards. The volunteer can select the card that says CHOICE. The volunteer can select the card that says FATE. The volunteer can select the card that says CHANCE. Your volunteer will experience it as a totally free. After all, it actually is a free choice. Your volunteer is not forced to make a specific selection. The volunteer’s selection is made, and then…

…you present a revelation.

With a facial expression of amazement and disbelief, your volunteer will say:

“That’s impossible!” or “How did you know that?” or “Does everyone pick the same word?”

But it doesn’t matter which of the three words you volunteer freely selects…

And it doesn’t matter how much your volunteer insists it was a free selection…

The card freely selected is the card you prove was predicted.