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When Arthur Kurzweil  was in 3rd grade, his father  bought him his first magic trick.






Three and a half decades later, Arthur taught his son Moshe   his first magic trick. At that time, Moshe was also in 3rd grade.


And now, Arthur and Moshe, father and son, a child of the Sixties and a chip off the old block, have joined forces to design and create professional-quality communications tools in the form of easy-to-do, high-impact magic tricks.  



Arthur and Moshe are both members of the Society of American Magicians and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.



Both have studied with world-class magician, David Copperfield, as part of the activities of Project Magic, the use of magic dedicated to tricks as tools used in many countries by occupational and physical therapists.



Moshe and his father have been engaged in the serious study of ancient spiritual texts all of their lives and have been studying together for as long as Moshe can remember.

Arthur often performs his theological magic show, “Searching for God in a Magic Shop” for adult education programs around the country.           



Arthur is also an author of several books, including On the Road with Rabbi Steinsaltz, Kabbalah for Dummies, and From Generation to Generation.



Moshe, like his father, is eclectic. In addition to his magical adventures, Moshe is an award winning film-maker and student of all forms of media, as well as audio and video science, theory and technology.           



Arthur and Moshe Kurzweil are dedicated to repairing the world-one magic trick at a time.