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Arthur Kurzweil

When I was in the third grade, my father and I went to a local costume shop in search of a hat for me to wear in my school play. The shop, in Hempstead, NY, also had a magic counter. On that fateful day, my father bought me my first magic trick, “Penny into Dime.”

Here it is over 50 years later and my passion for good magic is greater than ever.

As a writer and teacher, I am often discussing some of life's most profound questions. I have written several books, including Kabbalah for Dummies andThe Torah for Dummies (both part of the well known For Dummies series). I frequently perform a magic show for adults, called “Searching for God in a Magic Shop”, using magic tricks in my discussions about theology, philosophy and history. I am pleased to report that audiences across North America and in Europe have received my show with enthusiasm.

My son, Moshe, along with his two sisters, have seen lots of magic tricks in their lives. And they have come to learn that the right magic trick can be a perfect way to illustrate a point, or start a conversation, or simply engage a person while sharing a “cool” illusion. My children all remember me as a frequent chaperone for school field trips. On those excursions, their classmates always knew I’d have some magic tricks to share and delight them along the way.

In the half century that I have been involved with magic, I think I have learned a lot. I’ve learned what I like to perform and what I don’t like to perform. And I have also learned a lot about the magic tricks available today.

Magic tricks I’ve purchased that did not rate high marks from me were:

  1. Poorly made, with cheap materials – Lack of durability limits the usability and longevity of a trick.
  2. Over-priced in relation to how much use I got out of the trick – I have never used most of the hundreds of magic tricks I have purchased.
  3. Difficult to perform – I look for simple magic tricks that amaze people. I am more interested in developing a good presentation than I am in spending countless hours practicing fancy, difficult sleight of hand moves. With the right presentation, a magic trick can be simple to do but still blow people away.

I came to understand that people can use magic tricks in different ways. My son Moshe also saw the possibilities.

And so began Magic Tricks Without Borders.

Moshe and I collaborate to develop, design, and manufacture magic tricks that deliver all of the qualities we expect in the tricks we buy for ourselves.

You can learn more about my interests and activities at my website: