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Magic tricks have countless creative applications.

Since ancient times magic tricks and illusions have been used as tools by teachers and healers.

A magic trick can be…

• A calming, trust-building device for a medical professional with a nervous, apprehensive patient.

• A conversation opener or icebreaker in business and in social settings.

• A “side door” for a therapist to use when unable to go through the “front door.”

• An object lesson from a teacher or counselor.

• A teacher’s reward to students and a tool to help build rapport.

• A therapeutic device in physical or occupational therapy.

Over time you will develop your own unique performance style, which will, in turn, elicit a unique reaction from and within each participant.

• Watch closely and you can often tell a lot about people by how they react and interact with each illusion you share with them.

• Discover how our magic tricks can become tools for teaching and transformation in your life.

• Just like any other tool, each of our magic tricks requires knowledge and experience.

• But there are NO complicated steps to memorize or learn, and NO difficult moves to master.

• Our elegantly simple magic tricks allow you to spend your time developing your own powerful and personalized presentations.