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The Magician’s Oath & Code of Ethics

Over the centuries, honorable and serious illusionists and magicians have been, in one form or another, committed to The Magician’s Oath and The Magician’s Code of Ethics, two very simple ideas connecting all respected magicians:

The Magician’s Oath:

“The secret of an Illusion should never be revealed – unless to a student of magic who also takes this Oath.”

It is commonly known among magicians that the outcome of sharing a secret of magic with a non-magician is usually disappointment.

Once a secret is revealed, the fire of amazement in the eyes of your audience will quickly burn out.

  • Embracing The Magician’s Oath empowers you to serve people as the best magician you can be, and supports the work of other magicians as well.
  • Breaking The Magician’s Oath weakens your own effectiveness as a magician and hurts magicians of good will everywhere.

If someone asks you, “How did you do that?” you are not permitted, by tradition, to reveal the secret.

But if a student of magic asks to be your student, then you have an obligation to accept the student as your student too.

The Magician’s Code of Ethics:

“A magician should never claim to have supernatural abilities.”

Both a magic trick and its audience are abused when a magician perpetuates the lie that he or she actually has supernatural abilities.

When you purchase magic tricks from Magic Tricks Without Borders, we recognize you as a student of magic and we trust that you will make and uphold this commitment to magic and its traditions.