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What Are You Buying When You Purchase a Magic Trick?

When you purchase illusions from Magic Tricks Without Borders, you will learn some of the secret methods used by magicians throughout history and around the world.

Our magic tricks are made exceptionally well and each includes a step-by-step, detailed and easy to follow instructional DVD explaining and demonstrating how the magic tricks can be performed.

The most important thing you receive are

the often ancient secrets upon which

our magic tricks are based.

Due to the nature of the secrets of magic and the need to protect them, your purchases from Magic Tricks Without Borders are not returnable. You will find this policy in virtually all magic shops and magic websites around the world. When you purchase a magic trick, you are not merely purchasing the item. You are buying access to its secret! Once you buy a magic trick and learn its secret, it is yours—to use and to protect.

Our magic tricks are exceptional:

  • We use the best, most durable materials so you can enjoy each magic trick for years.
  • Our high-impact magic tricks are designed to be easy-to-learn and easy-to-perform allowing you to invest your time creating an effective presentation.

When you make a purchase from Magic Tricks Without Borders, you are really obtaining protected magical secrets as well as methods which will turn your magic tricks into tools for teaching and transformation.