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Important Information About The Cost of Magic Tricks

During the 50 years I've been purchasing magic tricks, one thing is absolutely clear: there is no relationship between how much a magic trick costs and how good it is. 

For example, the most amazing and dazzling trick I perform requires nothing but some paper and a pencil or pen. It took me hours of practice to learn it, and continuous practice and review, but it's absolutely free.

I have also purchased some magic tricks that cost hundreds of dollars each–and I have never used them!

In my storage area I have scores of magic tricks, most of which I don't use, some of which I have never used, and a few of which I never even opened.

Magic tricks are often…

  • almost impossible to perform
  • poorly manufactured
  • cheap looking
  • fake looking
  • Easily worn out and look shabby quickly
  • not quite what the advertisement says

In other words:

Beware of cleverly written advertising hype about magic tricks

A magic trick sometimes costs…

  • $10 and looks like a child's toy or looks shop-worn after a few performances
  • $500 but might require hundreds of hours to master it

My years of experience of purchasing magic tricks from magic shops around the United States and from websites tell me that a typical high quality magic trick often costs somewhere between $50 and $150 each. 

If you are lucky, a magic trick purchased by you should be… 

  • appropriate for your skill level
  • flexible enough for you to adapt to your own presentations
  • durable enough to last forever

It's also important to be aware that the high price of a magic trick doesn't necessary reflect the physical quality of a magic trick but is sometimes priced high to avoid overexposure. If it's too inexpensive, too many magicians will purchase it.

Feeling ripped off after purchasing magic tricks is too common an experience. 

We want you to avoid this!

How much does Magic Book Box vol. 1 cost–and why?

  • Each of the magic tricks you will receive in The Magic Book Box vol. 1 are in that rare category of being amazing magic tricks for ALL skill levels.
  • Our magic tricks are made of the highest quality materials.
  • Each of our tricks comes in its own velvet pouch. (as oppose to cheap plastic bags that you usually get when you buy magic tricks)

Magic Book Box vol. 1 comes with TWO antique-looking magic book boxes for discreet storage (the large box) and for convenient carrying or transport (the smaller box). Each box closes snugly with the tiny magnets embedded within the box and its cover. These type of boxes, when you can find them, often retail for around $25 each and sometimes more. 

Too many magic tricks come with brief, poorly written instructions or brief DVDs that are more hype than information. With Magic Book Box vol. 1 you will receive a full length instructional DVD filled with practical ideas, down to earth easy to follow instructions, and everything that you need to know to perform these magic tricks easily and successfully. Written and developed by a professional educator our instructional DVD is valuable to any magician who wants to be thoughtful about magic.

  • If sold individually, the four quality magic tricks in Magic Book Box vol. 1 could easily be in the $60 each category. The two magic book boxes could retail for another $50 or more. And the full length instructional DVD could easily retail by itself for $30 or more. 
  • Magic Book Box vol.1 is not just four magic tricks. It is an approach to magic that can make you an excellent magician, provide you with four “blow them away” magic tricks, and provide you with unique and innovative tools that are effective in countless situations. 
  • Magic Book Box vol. 1 can also be an entire magic show. You can easily carry your show anywhere–in one of our beautiful mysterious-looking, antique book boxes. 

The price of Magic Book Box vol. 1 is $199

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